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I would like to write when I get a minute but I feel like all I do is whine. I want a computer and internet access at home. I want to get off of the night shift. I want to win the lottery even though I never buy a ticket. So today my question is where did everyone go? I see very few of the regular contributors that were such a part of Joeuser when I was regularly on here.  Where is Little Whip?  ModMan?  I am glad to see KFC, the trucker and BFD still here.  I know that Tova is still on here occassionally.  I have heard from Kelly and Rose - xoxo.  How is TexWahine?  Busy with all of her kiddos, I guess.  Where is Dr. Guy?  Was there a big fight on JU that scared everyone away?  Where is SanChonino?  I miss the Joeuser gang.  Just a shout out to all of my old friends.  Everyone I listed and everyone I didn't  - I miss you guys.

on Oct 11, 2009

To answer your question, a few things have happened over the past couple of years.

First, LittleWhip got banned awhile ago.

Others are still here but infrequently.

The biggest thing that changed on JU though was that we stopped promoting JU because the site is so politically oriented that Stardock couldn't effectively promote it without it negatively affecting the economics of the company.  As a result, new people haven't been coming on to replace those who have faded away.

But I still see most of the people you mention on occasion.

on Oct 12, 2009

As my co-worker would say, I am apalled. I was not mentioned in your article. 

I, myself, am not sure what happened to the regulars although I am here often. As Brad said LW got the boot some time ago. Shame, she was fun to read. Everyone else have either disappeared or post once in a while. Mason still blogs from time to time. I try to blog when ever I can. I do missed them too, it was them who called my attention to this site and now it's hard to find entertainment here when the debates are done by 2 or 3 people only.

on Oct 12, 2009

Nice to see you back Loca.  I miss many of the personalities as well and have picked up a couple of new friends since but ya, it's still not the same. 

I too wondered what happened to Dr. Guy.  He just disappeared where the others either come and go or made mention of leaving giving us their goodbyes before they left.  So I worried about Dr. Guy like maybe something bad happened because he used to email me personally on occasion and I've heard nothing for months. 

I hope you stay on tho because it seems as tho there's more guys around here than gals. 

on Oct 12, 2009

Hey Loca...

I'm here, but coming back slowly. I haven't been writing as often, but am trying. I am hoping some of the variety comes back. I'm sure it will sooner or later. I hope you get off that night shift soon.

on Oct 12, 2009

The biggest thing that changed on JU though was that we stopped promoting JU because the site is so politically oriented that Stardock couldn't effectively promote it without it negatively affecting the economics of the company.

I find this somewhat surprising, given your (healthy, in my opinion) disregard for what others think, Brad.  The political discussions were much livelier (and more interesting) in years past, especially leading up to the 2004 elections.  It's too bad JU is now viewed in this way by the company.  I've been privately lamenting the decline in political discussions for awhile, to the point I even miss Col Gene at times.

Loca -

Yeah, the neighborhood has had some turnover.  But it's lookin' up again, now that you're back.

on Oct 13, 2009

Hey, Mama, really good to see your name in print again.  Several of the "old timers" have drifted off to other sites and some are just lurking.  Nite shift sucks, hope you get a better deal soon.  Seems that when the powers that be changed the format and some of the folks protested the changes, things changed and many of the stalwarts just left.  Doc made a comment on one of my articles recently and that was the first time I heard from him in ages.  Ted left for a while but is back now, periodically, I guess Charles became Chuck?  And some other changes.  There is still things to get scrappy about but generally it is a quieter place now days. 

It must be hard to manage a life around a reverse schedule and try to find time to write but we always enjoy hearing from you, log in when you can

on Dec 16, 2009

Saw your post on Trudy's article and followed it here!  My hiatus was due to very long hours at work and then a changing work environment (none of it really unexpected).

I am back (infrequently for now), with a new job, new Certs and lots of questions as well.  But good to see you.  How have you been in the last year?  I hope well.

on Feb 16, 2010

I'm still here...

on Jan 22, 2011

I miss Baker Street. He was fun to read as well as highly correct in his arguments.