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Published on July 19, 2009 By Locamama In Just Hanging Out

I think I am getting more and more grumpy and irritable as I get older.  Some things that I never noticed let alone let bother me are now driving me up a wall.  My new job is pretty quiet.  I work third shift so there's not a whole lot of action, a little when we first come in and then it starts picking up when everyone is waking up but most of the night is pretty quiet.  Of course, we have no musica in the officina.  Music would really help because instead I have to listen to my co-workers eat - LOUDLY! 

It is amazing how much noise a person can make eating some chips or even worse POPCORN.  The thing with popcorn is that you not only have to listen to them eating it ,and in the case of my beloved leader chomp on the unpopped kernels, you also have to smell that horrible, horrible, fake, buttery, sickening microwave popcorn odor.  Ugh.....

Then I have another co-worker who has major sinus issues.  That woman needs to go to the doctor because I end up hearing her sniffle and snuffle all night long.  Really woman, get a prescription!  Go to the  bathroom and blow that mucus out.  Icky icky ick and a half. 

So sometimes its a blessing when we get phone calls because at least the general noise is up to the level where you don't hear every pin drop but then I have the ever increasing volume coworker.  She starts out her calls at a normal volume but as the call progresses, she gets louder, and LOUDer and LOUDER. 

Of course, I am the perfect  coworker who only eats quietly, never has a sniffle and speaks in a lovely musical tone of voice.  Ha ha.  The funny thing is that I probably annoy them as much as they annoy me.  I try to be considerate, that should count for something. 

on Jul 19, 2009

Yeah, sounds like a lot of irritation over some pretty small things. But if they bug ya they bug ya,

Personally, I can't stand people who smack their lips when they eat or chew with their mouth open. I find it disgusting.

I can relate to the poor lady with sinus issues as I suffer from allergies this time of year. Often no amount of nose blowing will help. I can't take drugs for it because the ones that actually help also make me drowsy which is a hug no-no when at the wheel of an 80,000 lbs vehicle. I just live with it and try not to annoy people too much with my sneezing and suffling

on Jul 19, 2009

I just live with it and try not to annoy people too much with my sneezing and suffling

If the folks in the neighboring cars and trucks can hear you gots big problems !