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Published on July 13, 2009 By Locamama In Just Hanging Out

Hello everyone.  I have been working for the police department for four months now and there are certain things I notice that seem to cause numerous people numerous problems so in my spirit of helpfulness and love I thought I would share some tips. 

Okay, number one.  Know your license plate.  Memorize it.  Or write it down.  Even better write down the license plates of everyone you love - your husband, wife, son, daughter, mom, dad etc.  The reason is that if someone does not return as expected and you need to file a missing person report, the officers really need the license plate.  I can't believe how many people think we can locate a person or vehicle with random markings.  An officer is going to have a hard time identifying a red truck with a for sale sign in the window or a black car with a bear paw decal, duh people?  So then I stop and think and realize that, I didn't know my license plate number.  Ummm....ooops.  I would probably be one of those people going well there's a football decal on the back window that says #7. 

Also write down everyone's contact numbers.  This happens all the time.  Someone's cell phone is lost or stolen.  Or even if they are calling me on their cell phone and they cannot give me anyone's numbers.  "I just push "Jr" on the phone, I don't actually know his number"  Hey there are a bunch of people who don't even know there own cell phone numbers.  Write down your important contact numbers and put it somewhere you can find it.

I know we are an extemely casual society but please people KNOW YOUR KID'S FRIENDS LAST NAMES.   Even better know their names, their parents names, the friend's phone numbers, the parent's phone numbers and an actual street address.  I have to do runaway reports all the time and it is so extemely rare that someone actually knows anything but the first name of the friend that the kid is supposed to be with.  Knowledge is power and there may come a time when it really matters. 

That's it for today.  More later.


on Jul 13, 2009

Thanks Loca.  Good advice.  It seems no matter how many times I think of trying to memorize my plate I can't  seem to remember.  So good advice about writing it down. 

As far as the phone numbers I noticed also that unlike years ago when I knew everyone's numbers, in this day of technology it's so much easier to just press a button.  I press #1 for my eldest son, #2 for the second and #3 for the third etc.  All of my phones are set up that way from 0-9 making it hard to remember their actual numbers.  If I was out on a road or called them from another home, I'd be sunk having no idea.  

What kind of work are you doing at the police station?  It sounds kind of interesting.  You should write about it. 




on Jul 13, 2009

Good advice.


Be well, ~Alderic

on Jul 15, 2009

Good to see you around!  I still have books for you.  I thought you had moved (read that someplace on a post I think) so wasn't sure to send or not.  I have about 10 books for you in bubble envelopes ready to go!

on Jul 17, 2009

Good to see you around! I still have books for you. I thought you had moved (read that someplace on a post I think) so wasn't sure to send or not. I have about 10 books for you in bubble envelopes ready to go!

I'm still around occassionally.  I haven't moved yet but it's in the cards at some point in the furture.  You can go ahead and mail to my current addy if you want.  I will make sure to post when I actually DO move. 

Good advice. Be well, ~Alderic

thanks Alderic

What kind of work are you doing at the police station? It sounds kind of interesting. You should write about it.

I will write about it.  I actually make reports for citizens over the phone for non-violent crimes. And also enter accident reports, property lists, insurance supplement letters, and public utilities theft.  I will eventually learn even more after my six month probation is over in September.  It's an interesting job. 

on Jul 19, 2009

I'm really happy for you that you have a job you like!  This will put a smile on my face for the day.  Thanks